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Tech Tip: Question Pull Tape

Discussion in 'Tech Tips and Gear' started by Yellow Dart, Jan 24, 2023.


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  1. Yellow Dart

    Yellow Dart It's only hubris if I fail.

    La Verkin
    Has anybody played with the idea of using conduit pull-tape as a pull/fiddle cord?

    It's the stuff electricians put in conduit so that in the future a new wire (pipe, cable, etc) can be pulled through the conduit, allowing new service (like fiber internet, etc) to be brought into a structure from outdoors without trenching or cutting holes in walls.

    It comes in varying sizes, from 1/2" to 1", ranging from 1250lbs to 6000lbs respectively; and costing from 4 to 9 cents per foot respectively.

    It can be sourced in a wide variety of colors.

    It packs tighter/faster than a 6mm pull-rope/cord, and definitely easier to wrangle than 3mm Amsteel (though not as compact).

    Really low stretch. Some brands even have markings every couple of feet, designating exactly how many feet into the length you are. Could be helpful if you're trying to get exact drop lengths for new canyons with no beta; or cutting ropes to exact lengths without needing a rope measuring machine.

    Not sure how hydrophobic it is or is not.

    I have some left over from a recent construction project, might give it a whirl.

    (For comparison, 3mm Amsteel is 2500lbs 43cents/foot, 6mm pull cord is 2200lbs 48cents/foot)

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  2. hank moon

    hank moon kinetically bulbous

    IIRC a mule tape fad swept through some years back (pre-toggle) - can't remember exactly why it didn't catch on - handling?
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