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UT: North Wash Shenanigans 12-31-22

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Ram, Jan 12, 2023.

  1. Ram


    Since our exploration of Shenanigan's in March of 2002, I have recommended that large folks leave after the third slanted narrows. The final narrows is the best part, but the upper sections, particularly the slanted third section still makes a fine outing. While I hope to get down to "sliding through" weight again someday (18 lb's too much now). I am now forced to take my own advice, as I am too big to get thru and too weak to do the initial up climb for the up high -X stem past. I was privileged to hang with a fine group of friends for the first parts, before exiting up the boulders and slabs between the third and fourth narrows. So much of this conditions report is second hand. I will give it anyway, as I "know" the place from a dozen descents over the years.

    The early potential pool, in narrow #1 is filled with sand and the canyon was dry throughout till the final pool. The long tight part of the the extreme narrows of the 4th section is in easy condition now. This means that the sand level is low. That is not intuitive, but hold true for this section, as higher sand level raises descenders into overall tighter squeezes. The 2nd section, usually easy was also low sand (one often finds if one section is low, the other is high. The sand has to go somewhere) and was very hard, forcing all but the skinniest to do the upclimb by the round silo opening. Very uncommon conditions.

    The traverse to avoid the deep pool at the end of the technical section had its sand dam high so the traverse ledges were a foot under water and the pool deeper. A few members of the group descended Leprechaun after the Kelsey exit, It was a fine outing on the last day of the year. Pictures from my abbreviated descent.












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